There are two worse words in the English language more harmful than “Good Job” according to this film, and to be honest after watching it, there are two more words which spring to mind – “F**k off.”

In the latest of the recent glut of those award seeking Oscar baiting films to trundle out from Hollywood, we find ourselves remarking on the wave of something where we see how being obsessed with a goal, can pretty much mess you up. Next for your watching consideration, we present Whiplash (Or Blood on the Drum Kit, not Dance floor….)

So our little drummer boy on his whirlwind adventure of being the best drummer in the world and the universe is Andrew Neiman (Miles Teller), who is a first-year jazz student at the prestigious Shaffer music school in New York.

We discover Neiman during the very first scene in a practice room, which you would be forgiven for thinking this was the behind the scenes look at where Birdman’s drumming comes from. This is where we also meet Terence Fletcher, played by what can be only described as a truly on form J.K. Simmons, shows up to see what Neiman can do.

Then buggers off for a bit.

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Gaming Car Crash: Kickstartered!

We return with another terrible live stream, fresh from the pre-recorded wounds of Heroes of the Storm with another new theme where we will again show how not to play video games. In the before now, in the not long ago, a lovely new way of getting things out on the market where traditional avenues of getting a product to consumer’s hands was launched, Kickstarter.

It quickly gained the imagination and money from countless people around the world, where millions upon millions of dollars and pounds was gathered by people who then went onto to produce some good stuff, some bad and then there were some that pretty much just took a giant dump all over their supporters.

Kickstarter in itself is not as overly popular now given that people have seen these failures and now far more cautious when it comes to shouting “Shut up and take my money” when someone comes along with an idea.

The question is, now that the money has been rolling out the door and the products are now starting to make their way to market, what results have been produced? To answer that question, and to avoid playing Wasteland 2 for two hours where we badly make up the voice acting again, we’ve two new contestants on show for your dining and dancing pleasure to see if they were indeed worth the wonga….

So open up that Amazon wallet*, pay far too much for international postage and receive far too much junk mail about updates you don’t care about on;

Thursday March 5th 

 8pm UTC


* Terms and conditions apply, see pack for details, no refunds given if the product is not as advertised because we suck and we already bought an island with the money….

Gaming Car Crash Revisited: Heroes of the Storm

It’s been a little while now since we started this epic adventure through the gaming time and space continuum and now in a pre-recorded venture, we’re now going to be revisiting a game which was played on the very first stream, Heroes of the Storm.

You might be thinking that pretty much this is being devoted to everything that Blizzard does given that last week, we played Hearthstone, but actually this is part of an attempt to revisit what the very first gaming stream got wrong and with the production lessons learned from that fateful night at the beginning of the year, truly show you in a better fashion what this game is all about and see if I can be at least 3% better than the first time!

This will also be pre-recorded due to not being able to do a live stream this week due to unforeseen circumstances, and we will return to the airwaves soon.

So adventurers, sharpen your fighting skills, wonder why there’s nothing better on TV* and take a time out from watching cat videos and see if we have what it takes to not be as bad…..right now!

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* Terms and conditions apply, see pack for details, you really will wonder why you ended up paying for Sky TV in the first place….

Valentine’s Day Ultra Turbo Championship Edition

This is what the future holds.Today’s post comes to you about the recent February 14th shenanigans which everyone of course with their loved or hated ones, depending on the situation, embarked on a magical time of eating, drinking and whatever else the imagination would take them.

Probably sex, let’s be fair.

In recent years, the tired old tradition seems to have taken on something of a new lease of life as illustrated rather remarkably while wandering around Hammersmith the night before.

Though rather than the traditional queue of men who clearly forgot this wonderful excuse for the card and florist companies to make large amounts of cash as a result of aforementioned men trying to avoid an argument, both men and women this time were looking for the usual gifts of overpriced roses, a card with twelve different ways to say love and chocolates filled with left over creme egg remains that Kraft just couldn’t get rid of any other way.

Just think of the other amounts of messing around you are meant to do, and you are left wondering why this shift in the terrible trend has surfaced, and even now a few days after it’s all over with for another year is somewhat of a mystery.

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Gaming Car Crash: Hearthstoned

Lordly lord, the Valentine’s Day stream was not without the usual technical screw-up was it? Just as well really as you didn’t also want to see what happened with the beef lasagne and the rest of the vodka we had to drink. It seems that things are most likely to go wrong when we attempt to do the stream with fancy things to make it more interesting than most of the other tat on the internet.

So in the spirit of trying to keep it simple once again so the program doesn’t cry because we asked it to do more than one thing, we’re going to try our hand at that now time honoured staple of no skill involved at all, Hearthstone.

Yes, Blizzard Entertainment’s epic card game which has earned about £12 billion a second from all us silly people on the internet, will be played, where if we win even one game, I will be shocked. After all, with all that money spent on the damned cards, it may as well start earning its way! That is, if we actually got any money for this of course….

So roll up that there die which is of no use in a video game, cry havoc and let slip the rumours about the neighbours upstairs and drink a galleon of ale* with us on;

Wednesday 18th February 

Returning at the usual time of 8pm UTC

And maybe, just maybe, we have one god damned evening where the audio doesn’t die or the streaming software doesn’t have a heart attack…maybe.


* Terms and conditions apply, see pack for details, ale supplied from the 12th century may be out of date!

Boiling Point

In a return to issues which concern not that of entertainment but that of the real world, it’s time I finally wrote about one of the bigger horrors that always gets overlooked with home ownership and that is clearing up the mess left behind by previous owners.

Put simply, It’s not been too much fun over the course of the winter at home recently, as one of the worst to have to do aside from admit to people you like the Mr.Blobby song from 1993, is to survive without fully working hot water and no real heating aside from one slightly dodgy convection heater which will do some of the job but of course to heat an entire flat is asking a bit too much of it.

This leads to one of the awful truths; Getting a chap to install a new boiler is one of the largest single expenses you will ever have to face. Hell, even paying for an abortion, an invasive medical procedure for those who don’t wish to bring life into the world after dirty fun sexy time just yet, is way cheaper! Continue reading

Baymax will see you now…

In what is again a welcome shift away from the films which have filled the cinemas in recent weeks, it seems the schedules and screenings are returning to what we, the general public who consume far too much KFC, laugh at cat pictures on our smartphones and are shocked by pictures of movie stars buying food, actually like.

Granted there are still a good number of awards candidates, but one notably has arrived in British cinemas recently from Disney, whose Pixar powered animation studio has presented hot on the heels of the award winning Frozen (who by the way, refused to let it go…see what we did there?) last year, Big Hero 6.

Big Hero 6 is based on a Marvel property about as well known outside those circles as that last damn question on the pub quiz about that guy who was in that thing one time. Instead of relying on Marvel themselves to bring this to the big screen, we have an animated romp through the semi-futuristic city of San Fransokyo (twinned with Grimsby) and we are introduced over time, to the 6 themselves. Continue reading

Where you at boy?

Yep. I was this young once……

Wikipedia describes distraction as “the divided attention of an individual or group from the chosen object of attention onto the source of distraction.” And that takes us to perhaps a brief posting tonight as to what’s been going on as recently you may have noticed that the content output of Ooh Sometimes, has returned back to the depths of the bad old days where it was only once every few years that something new arrived.

The last few weeks has been full of one distraction, which has been pretty much overriding everything else that would have been going on.

This of course includes the now regular sitting down at the keyboard and mouse of the computer residing in the front room of this one bedded fortress of solitude, and shoving out the door a few hundred words of complete drivel onto the internet for everyone to deride and ridicule as being the ramblings of a mentally ill five year old.

Basically every time I’ve come to sit down and type away, my mind turns to jelly and I forget what I was going to do to begin with. However, and this is the most important thing to note here, it has been a distraction of which has been far too welcome and one I hope is not going away any time soon.

Fear not campers, you come here for occasional mutterings on issues of non-import, so stay tuned as normal service will be resuming shortly with yet another would-be critique of something on the big screen….. you may now go make a cup of tea while I attempt to remember what happened during the film.

Gaming Love: A Gaming Car Crash Special

It’s about that special time of year where lovers around the world come together to show how much they care about each other when the card companies, florists and restaurants all band together to ensure that either you are happy with someone, or dead inside by yourself! Don’t worry, you only have to care about other people or feel lonely on special occasions, we’re 2% sure it’s fine the rest of the year!

So to celebrate this awful tradition, we’ll be there for you happy people to provide some gaming love to show you how the dating game really works with a special bonus concerning matters of the heart.

So gather your pictures of your ex, lose your sense of self worth, wear the t-shirt with the 12 curry stains and join us once again for a good old time* this Valentines Day;

Saturday 14th February at the early time of 2pm UTC

so afterwards everyone can go and enjoy the evening doing whatever makes them feel good, perhaps in the same way as Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball!


* Terms and conditions apply, see pack for details, no gloving, no loving!

Gaming Car Crash: Drinking Elite

It’s not been a good start to the gaming car crash, has it? It’s earned its name for very good reasons; Audio problems, trying to be an editor when tired and then having no idea what to do or say?

Granted, it’s still better than watching Big Brother on Channel 5, but we’re not just there yet. Well given that something always seems to go wrong, why not go further? Let’s introduce a requested game series of Sniper Elite but with an added incentive? Why don’t we play a drinking game while we screw up trying to murder a bunch of pixels?

So gather your shot glasses and drinks of choice, with perhaps some pork scratching from the ye olde pub and join us once again for a good old time*, Thursday 5th Febuary at 8pm UTC where we will be featuring the lack of skills that only can come from playing while drunk?

Will I spill a drink all over the keyboard? Will I forget to unmute the damned microphone again, and screw up the audio by making your ears bleed? Will I make any sense and not just laugh all the time?

Let’s find out once again on Thursday!


* Terms and conditions apply, see pack for details, drink responsibly or not, you’re adults!