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Good day to you all dear campers on the internet, rather than be an all singing and deconing bile filed ragefest, today will be just a brief post about the state of play over the next few weeks in regards to content showing up on Ooh Sometimes, as well as the wonderfully terrible gaming car crash streams that have delighted about 3 people.

As I will be away as of next week and due to time constraints on that which we all know to be the most evil of issues; life, there will be no live stream for the next three Thursdays for people to cry over and get enraged about. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

But fear not gentle readers, there will be a couple of videos posted while I am away so you can still be amazed at how terrible I am at playing video games and mocking pretty much everything in life. The rest of this week will be around some various blog posts showing up at different times and perhaps while I am away, there may be the odd delight posted here and there.

That’s all for now, stay tuned while an explosive drama of making a cup of tea unfolds in the kitchen….Oh it’s made. Never mind.


Well given how many times it’s been mentioned on this epic digital tome of guff, you wouldn’t expect us to pass this one by, did you? Despite the fact that awards season for now is over for another year of course and we can again return to the stuff we would normally watch like Fast and Furious 7: Beyond Thunderdome or whatever it will be called.

The following film was nominated for a bunch of awards from different bodies as were a number of other films already remarked on this year, so that instantly means it must be good surely? Well, even if the number of actual award wins and bad box office take at the time of writing would suggest otherwise.

Ladies and Gentleman, we give you a very honest opinion with some spoilers of Foxf**ker, I mean Foxcatcher

I called us Foxcatcher cos I is wicked with da ladies!

For those who just looked at the poster of the happy scamps and thought they would be the types of people to draw on cave walls, have just learned the secret of fire and hit things on the head a lot like myself, this was going to be a pretty hard sell. The subject area, let alone the story is not something everyone would look for, but for those of you who still haven’t bailed out and gone to eat some cake instead, here is the basic premise of the film;

Based on a true story, a couple of brothers known as Dave and Mark Schultz, played by Mark Ruffalo and that chap from 21 and 22 Jump Street, ends up via various happenings with Team Foxcatcher.

The happy go lucky scamp who leds this band of merry men is melting bond villain faced multimillionaire sponsor John du Pont, played by Steve Carell, and the events take place as everyone gears up and trains for the 1988 Olympic games in over in Seoul. Continue reading

Still Rezzed Off…..

It’s been some time since last we reported from the Rock Paper Shotgun / Eurogamer event known as Rezzed, which has been growing and growing ever since it’s inception back in 2012, which featured among other things, a jolly good look at Borderlands 2, Natural Selection 2, a gameplay walk-through of the soon to be successful XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and Peter Mildew making promises about a cube game which failed once again to live up to anything which surprised no-one.

Hooray for us geeks with disposable income!

Since then it’s expanded out heavily to include all other platforms thanks to its Indie remit as well as providing some jolly fun times on the PC platform. This year’s Rezzed presented a great deal to behold over a packed few days at a rather unexpectedly swish looking area of Wapping, the Tobacco Dock. Continue reading

Assassin’s Car Crash


Remember all the shenanigans at the bottom (heh heh, bottom) end of 2014 when Assassin’s Creed Unity did indeed achieve part of it’s name by uniting everyone in their utter rage against Ubisoft promising too much and then failing to deliver anything that was playable day one? You even got some freebies if you had also laid out wonga for the season pass which died a death thanks to the terrible problems this game came to market with.

The issues around the game Assassin’s Creed Unity are well known, funny glitch pictures and all but in theory they should be fixed. This was the game which sent Ubisoft’s share price downward, and the developer had launched the Assassin’s Creed Live Blog, where Ubisoft’s next patch will address a few “common” issues.

So after the Ubisoft QA department were paid 5883 hours extra overtime to perform the quality control it actually needed, they removed the crap around that silly mobile game you needed to get stuff in the main game, and that free DLC is now in everyone’s hands (well those who still have the game anyway), is it now worth revisiting, given that now stores are just wanting shot of it and therefore prices have tumbled down?

So put on your best murderin’ gear, sharpen that trusty knife on your wrist*, cry over your loved ones which forced you to be an assassin for some reason and still wonder what the bloody hell is going on before falling asleep anyway right now;

YouTube Channel Link

* Terms and conditions apply, see pack for details, No refunds given if your face disappears and you fall through the floor

Law and Order and GamerGate

Considering how long this has gone on for and the various levels of idiotic silliness that seem to go with it from both sides of the subject, you’d be forgiven for wondering why anyone would be touching the overly toxic issue that is Gamergate at all. In fact you may as well douse yourself in petrol and set yourself on fire to inflict less pain upon yourself than go into this murky mess.

But that’s what we’re going to do here in a fairly lengthy post.

This affair originally began with some individuals doing naughty where there may have been a conflict of interest and therefore raising issues of ethics. Of course this happened over in the US, which of course means everyone would be arming themselves with muskets and starting the civil war all over again.

Various outlets in the UK dissected the subject over and over again, the Guardian leading the feminist charge in many cases, with stories of how women are harassed in the gaming industry overall, with seemingly if you were to embrace the narrative fully, you would think that everyone is out to grope and kill every woman who didn’t want to get back into the kitchen to make pie.

All police should be like this.

So what better way to throw even more fuel onto the fire which refuses to die than with an episode of a cop show where everyone gets raped at some point? Sound terrible? Then let’s go and enjoy “Intimidation Game”, which is an episode of the lovable crime drama that is Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, broadcast over in the land of the free on February 11th 2015. Continue reading

Shadow of Car Crash

This is going to be an interesting one for sure, and also why Shadow of MoooooorrrrDooooooooorrr and ting?

After all it wasn’t too long ago that I yawned my way through the Hobbit, describing it rather politely as the colour beige in cinematic form, and of course it was quite a number of years ago in fact that I did indeed end up sleeping through some of the first Lord of the Rings, therefore clearly the interest is not really present.

Not even the 1700 hour ultra turbo deluxe edition of every single bloody film would be enough to sway me from this fate worse than death. So again, the question remains, why?

Well remarkably, this gaming venture released back in 2014 by Warner Bros. got quite a decent reception, and even with the heavy baggage of the license that is Lard of the Onion Rings, it apparently brings much more to the table to get you excited about Middle Earth for once.

With a combination of systems, plus introducing something called the Nemesis system to ensure you feel the bloodlust for those who wrong you, it’s shaping to be something worthy of playing badly. So again, was the prophecy of Metacritic a false sign of things to come? Why don’t we find out?

So get that trusty battle axe out, grab of hold of the precious* and wonder what the bloody hell is going on before falling asleep anyway with the handy Youtube replay below;

YouTube Channel Link

* Terms and conditions apply, see pack for details, Mr. Tolkin may turn in his grave after this is finished with…..

Playing the Game of Thrones

Does it come in purple?

SPOILER WARNING; The following will talk about the events that occur within the HBO series Game of Thrones which is tied in heavily into where the game goes in terms of plot. If you don’t want to know anything that occurs within it, then go and watch this instead and marvel at the amazing horse. It is amazing, give it a lick, hmm, it tastes like raisins….Anyway….

For those of you still brave enough to carry on, as before we continue waffling on, leaving behind the pretty picture of that certain chair which does wonders for your lower back…

Continue reading


There are two worse words in the English language more harmful than “Good Job” according to this film, and to be honest after watching it, there are two more words which spring to mind – “F**k off.”

In the latest of the recent glut of those award seeking Oscar baiting films to trundle out from Hollywood, we find ourselves remarking on the wave of something where we see how being obsessed with a goal, can pretty much mess you up. Next for your watching consideration, we present Whiplash (Or Blood on the Drum Kit, not Dance floor….)

So our little drummer boy on his whirlwind adventure of being the best drummer in the world and the universe is Andrew Neiman (Miles Teller), who is a first-year jazz student at the prestigious Shaffer music school in New York.

We discover Neiman during the very first scene in a practice room, which you would be forgiven for thinking this was the behind the scenes look at where Birdman’s drumming comes from. This is where we also meet Terence Fletcher, played by what can be only described as a truly on form J.K. Simmons, shows up to see what Neiman can do.

Then buggers off for a bit.

Continue reading

Gaming Car Crash: Kickstartered!

We return with another terrible live stream, fresh from the pre-recorded wounds of Heroes of the Storm with another new theme where we will again show how not to play video games. In the before now, in the not long ago, a lovely new way of getting things out on the market where traditional avenues of getting a product to consumer’s hands was launched, Kickstarter.

It quickly gained the imagination and money from countless people around the world, where millions upon millions of dollars and pounds was gathered by people who then went onto to produce some good stuff, some bad and then there were some that pretty much just took a giant dump all over their supporters.

Kickstarter in itself is not as overly popular now given that people have seen these failures and now far more cautious when it comes to shouting “Shut up and take my money” when someone comes along with an idea.

The question is, now that the money has been rolling out the door and the products are now starting to make their way to market, what results have been produced? To answer that question, and to avoid playing Wasteland 2 for two hours where we badly make up the voice acting again, we’ve two new contestants on show for your dining and dancing pleasure to see if they were indeed worth the wonga….

So open up that Amazon wallet*, pay far too much for international postage and receive far too much junk mail about updates you don’t care about with the YouTube video below;
YouTube Channel Link

* Terms and conditions apply, see pack for details, no refunds given if the product is not as advertised because we suck and we already bought an island with the money….

Gaming Car Crash Revisited: Heroes of the Storm

It’s been a little while now since we started this epic adventure through the gaming time and space continuum and now in a pre-recorded venture, we’re now going to be revisiting a game which was played on the very first stream, Heroes of the Storm.

You might be thinking that pretty much this is being devoted to everything that Blizzard does given that last week, we played Hearthstone, but actually this is part of an attempt to revisit what the very first gaming stream got wrong and with the production lessons learned from that fateful night at the beginning of the year, truly show you in a better fashion what this game is all about and see if I can be at least 3% better than the first time!

This will also be pre-recorded due to not being able to do a live stream this week due to unforeseen circumstances, and we will return to the airwaves soon.

So adventurers, sharpen your fighting skills, wonder why there’s nothing better on TV* and take a time out from watching cat videos and see if we have what it takes to not be as bad…..right now!

YouTube Channel Link

* Terms and conditions apply, see pack for details, you really will wonder why you ended up paying for Sky TV in the first place….