Not My Front Room: Leicester Square

In a somewhat timely video, This week’s Not My Front Room episode takes place late November in Leicester Square.

A place where it appears Christmas has already started! Woo. Watch as I navigate badly through a crowd, look in shops and stand outside places like an idiot! Well, more than usual of course. I will provide some stories, some sights and perhaps a ridiculous ending. Enjoy!

Alien Vs Issac: A Halloween Livestream

On Monday 31st October, in keeping with the season and what pretty much most other people were caring about, I decided to do the same, and scare myself with two horror games; Alien Isolation and Dead Space.

Which one would mess with me more for your dining and dancing pleasure, the playlist is below, and for something as a test, it’s been all put on Netflix style so you can watch the entire thing at once should you wish! Enjoy!

A mini meh about….. The Magnificent Seven (the New One)

Yeeha and other cowboy nonsense.

Yeeha and other cowboy nonsense.

We seem to be having a small resurgence in western themed media. Over on HBO / Sky Atlantic / Your favourite torrent site, Westworld has melded the genre with Sci-FI elements where of course, various lies, treachery and deceit are taking place. Earlier in the year, we had the oscar bait known as the Hateful 8, and of course the absolute car crash which was Adam Sandler’s Ridiculous 6. Even Rockstar Games managed to get tongues wagging with the announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2 due next year.

Well now we have yet another western with a number in the title in the Magnificent Seven, starring quite a lot of people. This is a remake of the original Magnificent Seven back in 1960 with a load of people too. That was a remake of Seven Samurai, released in 1954 and is classed by many as being one of the best films ever made. So what can this version of the same story show us for 2016 as opposed to the times that the others were produced? Well it seems that for one, the Old West was certainly more politically correct for starters, with a cast designed to not offend as many people as humanly possibly, including an actual strong woman character too!

But bollocks to all that, what happens? Our epic story begins with Bartholomew Bogue (Peter Sarsgaard), the evil villain who should have have bombastic music when he enters a room and a mustache he can fiddle while sniggering, basically terrorise the yokels of a small town called Rose Creek. Basically he’s trying to make them leave while buying their land as cheap as possible as he has a gold claim just up the dirt road. No idea why he wanted the town gone too, but again it’s apparently not important to the plot. Continue reading →

A mini meh about….. The Accountant

It's about to get calculated and then offset against expenses in this bitch!

It’s about to get calculated and then offset against expenses in this bitch!

When you hear that an action packed film called the Accountant is heading to our shores, it doesn’t really set your senses alight with any anticipation.

After all, when the word accountant is mentioned, you can’t help but be stuck with the image of a balding 45 year old called Gerald who dresses in a grey suit he had from the 80s, who generally just wants to chat to Gillian in the coffee room, because she knows about knitting. His favourite colour tends to be beige, because pretty much that describes his personality to a tee. Or perhaps that’s just me thinking that?

However, this particular cinematic adventure doesn’t delve into that world too much and in fact you may end up coming out the other end of not wanting to annoy any accountants for fear that they happen to own an arsenal of weaponry that rivals Seal Team 6. Ben Affleck plays a chap called Christian Wolff, who does wonderful things with numbers but is autistic and therefore struggles with things at times, unless he’s able to finish. Make up your own jokes there folks….. Continue reading →

A mini meh about…. The Killing Joke

Marvel at the complete lack of skill using Photoshop!

Marvel at my complete lack of skill using Photoshop! Happy to take lessons if anyone’s bored?

I wrote about Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders and pretty much wanted to gush silly over the thing for it’s sheer brilliance of tone, maintaining all the weird and wonderful tropes of the 60s TV series with Adam West and Burt Ward turning in fine performances. However, that wasn’t the only animated film this year.

In fact, it’s taken me this long to get round to watch the other high profile release which came animated from Warner Bros studios; Batman: The Killing Joke. Based on the 1988 comic which I never read, it seems that the Joker has done too much naughty now and is hell bent on proving a point.

Given a bad day, anyone can be pushed right over the edge into insanity and evil.

So basically anyone who works for Donald Trump then.

However, I got the distinct impression that with this story, Warner Bros didn’t exactly have enough to fill the hour and 20 minutes runtime they wanted to do, so they added a story to the beginning of the film, in a way to try and set things up for what then takes place within the Killing Joke itself. I only say this because ridiculously after watching this, I could help but feel it was a two part story as the difference between the start and when the tone changes is quite stark. Continue reading →

Playstation VR and PS4 Pro Impressions

In another video where I run away out of the house, I ended up standing like a numpty in King’s Cross Station on the 13th of October, just after trying out for the first time the new swanky Playstation Vr thingy that Sony wants us all to drop serious cash onto. Turns out they also had the PS4 Pro being demoed too, with some actual games, so there was chance to meh out on that thing too;

NOTE: Yes I put the wrong year for when this was recorded in and only noticed way after the fact. It was 2016 and not 2017! Anyway, enjoy campers!

A Mini Meh about….. The best Batman film of the year?

Everybody, after three. One, two, three: BATAM, dun dun dunnah, BATMAN....

Everybody, after three. One, two, three: BATMAN, dun dun dunnah, BATMAN….

I am astonished.

Really I am.

It’s not a joke.

How did Warner Bros actually do this? To recreate in essence, an extended version of the 60s version of Batman, with terribly corny dialogue, insane premises and in jokes about itself with some of the original voice cast in animated form? A Batman film which at only 80 minutes, surely should have been about as entertaining as scratching your arse with a cheese grater?

In a world where we apparently want gritter, more adult versions of things we were used to years ago, remarkably I found myself in a special screening of what has unbelievably has been the best Batman film of the year that I’ve seen so far! Granted the slating of Batman Vs Superman would have lent itself to mean that even playing with belly button fluff would have been better at the time.

It just baffles the mind of how this project got greenlit and basically it seems come out of nowhere.

We have the original Batman, Robin and one of the Catwomen, who let’s be fair, are getting on a fair bit. A much more meagre budget than the aforementioned mega-head-f**k of Batman Vs Superman, which as a result, it seems everything got outsourced to China judging from the end credits. But with frankly an excellent writing team, excellent music and it seems some real love in the project, they managed to produce something which was much much better. Continue reading →

EGX 2016: The Round Up Blog Post

Well it was that time of year again campers where I wandered around the halls of the NEC in Birmingham to look at what’s upcoming in the gaming world to lose even more of my precious life too, only to regret the time wasted on my death bed! But for the very first time, I produced a badly edited together video of highlights from the show about what I tried and what I thought about various things, which you can see below;

But that wasn’t all, there was a few games which I managed to try after the recording of the video, which I would love to share some thoughts with you all now;

Sonic Mania

To make another game like this, seems to take Sega ages.....

To make another game like this, seems to take Sega ages…..

Right after making the EGX video, a spot opened up for playing one of the two Sonic the Hedgehog games due for release in 2017. Sonic Mania is the attempt to rekindle the time when Sonic could do no wrong, and those were the days on the Mega Drive back in the 90s.

The graphics hark back to the 16-bit days and the music certainly sets the tone too. This demo had two levels featured, a revamped Green Hill Zone and a new zone which seems to take further the Casino Nights levels from previous Sonic games and instead make them akin to a TV / movie studio. In essence, this game plays incredibly well! To the point of wanting Sega to shut up and take my money now!

The fast pace of the movement, the level design, the music, the bosses too, they all come from people who loved the previous Sonic 2D games and wanted to create something new, but familiar. There was no slowdown, and the controls with the Xbox One controller were just fine. Everything quickly made sense, and this is certainly one to visit next year if you can. Whether or not the 3D Sonic game will be in the same position, remains to be seen. Continue reading →

A mini meh about…. I, Daniel Blake

I'm not a number, I'm a free man..... who apparently has never used a computer before in this film.

I’m not a number, I’m a free man….. who apparently has never used a computer before in this film.

This is a rather strange situation to be in. I saw this along with countless others free thanks to ShowFilmFirst at the beginning of October, and yet it’s taken me all this time to actually want to sit down and write the mini meh about it to begin with. There’s a bloody good reason; this is one deeply depressing film. It’s also probably the reason why there were so many free screenings of I, Daniel Blake all around the UK not too long ago, as who the hell would have watched this otherwise? This certainly won’t go down well in the rest of the world either.

The director, Ken Loach and writer Paul Laverty seem to have gone out of their way to highlight a real problem in the UK at present (as if there weren’t enough with the impending clusterf**k that the actual Brexit Process will bring, basically just judging from the MPs’ babbling meh or how much the Pound has tanked). The problem is how people who actually needs help from the government are treated badly and in essence, viewed as third class citizens.

And so the story is set for us to have a gander at one Mr. Daniel Blake, played by Dave Johns. He’s a 59-year-old joiner in the North-East of England who basically had a heart attack and has been informed that he can’t go back to work any time soon by his doctor. Off our lovely Daniel goes to the jobcentre, asking for sickness benefits. Continue reading →