Video killed the YouTube Star

You may have been noticing that recently here on Ooh Sometimes, that the blog posts here have been more about attempts of gaming videos which have been somewhat hit and miss in terms of quality and entertainment value, instead of the more usual content remarking on various things in film, gaming and the news.

This is due to wanting to do a little more than just static content on here, in the same way what the “Ooh Sometimes Podcast” was some time ago. But again given the time and effort for that, life overtook everything else, including anything being posted here for periods of time and thus it was consigned to history (at least for the time being.)

Since then, the media landscape has changed massively for media with YouTube and Twitch taking over and providing access to audiences and content that before you could never really see via conventional means. To be honest, given some of the videos on YouTube, it became a case of seeing “How hard could it be?” Continue reading

Gaming Bat Bash

DISCLAIMER:The video you will see will show how Batman: Arkham Knight works on PC from the day one release. As and when it’s patched / re-released or god knows what, there will be a follow up.

And so finally after much waiting, the Batman game we all wanted to play next from the lovely people at Rocksteady has arrived on all next-gen platforms and of course PC. I am the Bane of Leisure and I will guide through the night, to fight foes and drive that new shiny tank / car Batman seems to have now….But this game release is not without a huge amount of outcry from the internet given what state it’s arrived in and what has happened since it’s arrival.

So you are aware, this was played without altering any INI files or any other fixes that have been suggested by the community, it was taken purely n it’s own merits playing on the Evilbeast which will be more in keeping with how many others on PC will have been installing and running it.

At the time this video is going up, TotalBiscuit has already released a Port Report video and there are various others now posting how it runs on their systems, no-one having a good time really. Rocksteady are slowly working on something to try and fix the issues after Warner Bros suspended any further PC sales on Steam and Retail, but how long that will be, is up to everyone to guess;

But when all is said and done, is the game fun to play despite the performance issues, or has the batmobile lost all it’s wheels with the Joker having the last laugh with everyone after all? Go watch the YouTube video and see for yourself what has happened*;

YouTube Channel Link

* Terms and conditions apply, see pack for details, stuff moves too quickly to keep up on the internet….

What’s New? In Hearthstone that is…..

DISCLAIMER: I’m not at my best during this, given that I was just getting over being meh. But what the hell!

A brief video again in the same fashion as the recent Brutal Doom video that was put on after the livestream of the game to show it off in it’s proper glory, this time I end up showing you happy campers what’s new within Hearthstone this week as Blizzard released a couple of new nice things to the card game which has everyone crying over how much they’ve spent on a game that’s free-to-play….

So go watch the YouTube video placed below for your card playing pleasure;

YouTube Channel Link

* Terms and conditions apply, see pack for details, self-esteem can go only go down as you lose time and time and time again at this bloody game….


Hello there campers, this is just a brief post to state that I would have been doing another livestream tonight and release some mutterings on things but….

I am rundown to the point of being almost completely buggered. For some reason, at the end of today, as I reached the end of the work day, I was just feeling weak and perhaps, it’s a sign I’ve been overdoing it out and about and need some time to meh out.

Going to the gym at 6am is supposed to be a good way to start the day but in reality, it’s a sure fire way to drain your lifeforce. The past couple of weeks at the day job which goes to pay for everything here at Ooh Sometimes and the software to create video content has been ridiculously over the top and thus perhaps it’s something which shows you can only do so much. Continue reading

You’ve got to Spy Harder….

We begin this post about a simple statement of fact.

No-one could have had much faith in this film in the UK given the sheer volume of tickets being given away by pretty much every single outlet going judging from the offers seen over the past week from Hello Magazine to Tastecard. Hell, you probably even a ticket given away with every happy meal seemingly in an attempt to ensure that enough people go in, sit down and then tell everyone else how amazing it is.

So will this blog post on some fat dude’s web space be a good result of that grand experiment or ill, in that it made me feel ill and lose faith in humanity?

Well there’s only one way to find that out, so join me now dear ladies and gentleman on a journey to blow the cover off the newest undercover agent film; Spy

Given this is the first time I’ve seen the lead actress in anything longer than a trailer that I had instantly dismissed, I actually had to look on the internet to see what Melissa McCarthy had done in the past and why the director’s name was banded around so much by various outlets. Turns out they had worked together on films like Bridesmaids and The Heat, which apparently was very successful.  Continue reading

Avengers: Age of Errrrrrr

When coming to write about the latest entry in the Marvel Universe’s magic box of tricks, known of course as Avengers: Age of Ultron, I got a bit stuck. Rather than bounding out of the box with utterings of an entertaining, thoughtful post about the one billion plus money making film with the lovable cast we last saw all together in the first Avengers, I actually sat down at the keyboard and drew a massive blank. In fact, it was more akin to dribbling a little bit and making an errrrrr noise.

Which in itself may also perhaps be one way to describe the film. Another is; it fills the time with an episode before we see the much bigger saga unfold.

Now given this is the internet where people are destroyed by the masses by daring to do something different or well, anything really, let me get a small chance to explain what I’m talking about before you kill me anyway.

First of all, what happens? Well, in the country of insert eastern European sounding name here, we begin with the lovely heroes raiding a Hydra outpost led by Baron “Bloke from the end of Captain America: The Winter Solder”, who we know had been experimenting on humans using the sceptre that Loki had before he was defeated all that time ago. Continue reading

Drinking Elite….2

DISCLAIMER: We drink during this a lot. And also we nicked a video from ITV’s past….Please bring back Knightmare….

With the spirit destroyed after loosing far too many games at Hearthstone, and well seeing as time after time, the recording software also goes wrong over and over again, this time we go back to doing what we do best. Shoot things while drinking vodka when we see the money shot.

Though this time, we will not be using Sniper Elite 3 but instead Zombie Army Trilogy, in which Hitler basically decides to try one last naughty trick against the world and unleashes zombies for the allies to kill. What better way of showing our sniping skills against humans, than showing our sniping skills against zombies….while drinking too! Then possibly dirty fun sexy time…no…wait…getting ahead of myself…

So as we did before with Sniper Elite 3, I once again invite you dear campers to gather your shot glasses and drinks of choice, with perhaps some of those weird flavoured crisps from the ye poshe pub and possibly have a good old time* where we will be featuring the lack of skills that only can come from playing while drunk!

Will I spill a drink all over the keyboard? Will the video go up the wall halfway through again thus requiring a hastily put together explanation which leaves you just bloody annoyed?

Who honestly knows other than to watch the YouTube video placed below for your drinking and dancing pleasure;

YouTube Channel Link

* Terms and conditions apply, see pack for details, self-esteem can go down as well as up when drinking….

Witchers gone wild!

DISCLAIMER: We used Amazing Horse by Weebl for a laugh and also the video will freeze up at a given point due to technical issues during the playthrough of which we do highlight when it happens. This is just a fault of XSplit and not representative of how the Witcher 3 is most of the time.

It’s time to get a little crazy once again dear campers, and this time, the dirty video on the Internet shows us how Witchers go Wild! Probably. In the week that the Witcher 3 was released onto the world by CD Projekt, there has been highs, lows, issues with rendering hair, graphics scalebacks and probably other things that people care about.

With that in mind, let’s take a time out here on this lovely bank holiday weekend here in the UK and see what all the fuss is really about. To be fair having never finished either of the previous titles, the story of what’s going on is always likely go flying over our heads much like well, any decent joke really. All I’m saying is I’m a bit slow in general. Ah….I believe I just got served by myself. Sad face….

There is also always some jolly good naughty in the Witcher series but naturally we can’t go into lots of detail there because this is a family blog…..err….never mind. So perhaps the aim of what I should do now is to answer the bigger question which we are all dying to know the answer to;

How good is the horse riding action?

With such a massive question looming over us all, threatening to destroy all of mankind, let us make haste and merriment to discover together what the Witcher 3 will bring us via the YouTube video below;

YouTube Channel Link

* Terms and conditions apply, see pack for details, beer pretty seems to be the right thing to have considering everything else….


In something of a rather unusual move, we bring to you something from the console world onto these digital blogrolls of toilet paper as part of your five a day. Only this time, this is more a diary of pain, misery and rage not involving talking to the HMRC about your last year’s tax return. Ladies and Gentleman, for your consideration today, please read on about Bloodborne, out now only on the PlayStation 4.

You died.

Those two words are now burned into my retinas. I’ve seen those two f*cking words so often, that I wish I had really died at times. That weeks from now, when the neighbours complain about the smell and the fire brigade are called to bust down the front door and find my blooded corpse, the words You died will still be on the screen and then people will know the truth. Continue reading

Rapidos Y Furisosos 7

WARNING: This post contains gushings about Jason Statham because he’s in this film. And he’s awesome. So there.

In the second film to come onto Ooh Sometimes which involves lots of hot car action in recent days, this one was one that had a lot more invested to bringing to the big screen, given what happened during the production to one of it’s major stars.

Since it’s release, it went onto to make a ridiculous amount of money at the box office, which considering how long this has been going on for and what it’s actually all about, is just insane. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time we find out all about Rapidos Y Furisosos 7, with spoilers about the previous 6 instalments but then again, this is a series and you do need to watch the previous lot for it to make sense anyway.

So now, after 6 previous films which started to tie into each other a lot more, what would the 7th bring us in terms of story to justify some way over the top car scenes where the laws of physics go out the window and probably there will be another 700 mile long runway for the bad guys to land on like in Fast and Furious 6? Continue reading