Video Log: What’s going on?

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I posted anything and therefore while I was out today, I decided finally to do something and say a little about what’s been going on. Thanks again to those who have supported me and also a big sorry to those I have been meh to. I will try to do some more stuff soon, but for now campers, enjoy the video log.


X-Factor Origins Part 2: Florence Foster Jenkins

It’s been quite a while since we last looked at the X-Factor Origins epic saga that was when the world’s worst singer was the subject of a couple of films this year, both of which had a slightly different idea about how to tell the story. Inbetween examining the french version and this, we’ve had meh over a few films and of course been wasting huge amounts of time playing various games, the most fun of which was had with destroying the demons of hell.

Given it’s been a while of course, and the fact I’m actually coming back to this now , will mean that there are more than likely going to be various gaps in what I remember to tell the truth. But regardless, we will look at the second film to come out this year about basically the singer that was meh. The thing being that back in the day, a rich woman who basically paid lots of money to do stuff and performed badly in front of a live audience who then died in a rather bad way.

Unlike the previous film Marguerite, this film is directly about Florence Foster Jenkins, and goes into what happened with her during the second world war and ultimately how she came to pass away.

Florence Foster Jenkins. Again. Still better than Aqua when they did Barbie Girl.

Once again as was with the previous review, there will be some spoilers, so if you want to know more then by all means, continue onwards. Otherwise catch the next edition of Match of the Day to see if this went into extra time. Or, given what’s been apparently happening between English and Russian supporters a day after the beginning of Euro 2016, maybe look up the casualty list to see how many will survive.

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A Mini Meh about: Hardcore Henry

No, it’s not about someone who stars in porn films, though one could debate if that would have been better depending on your mood. This film came out a fair while ago, and was an intriguing proposition considering that everything was seen from the view point of the hero / villain / god knows what as opposed to the traditional film methods we’re all used to, in essence the first person view we point we all love from playing various video games.

The film starts out as you, the silent protagonist we learn from your wife is called Henry. She’s busy getting you 100% again after you apparently died, but along the way, some naughty people come in and you get ejected out in a pod because you were in a lab floating above Moscow, to which when you arrive on the ground, various hijinks ensue with lots of twists, turns and a ridiculous number of times the actor Sharlto Copley, who plays Jimmy who turns up in various situations and acting very weirdly each time.

Why this happens, doesn’t get explained until later in the film, but until then it does lend itself to a quite a high level of confusion, and perhaps that also explains the events that follow during the course of the film. There were times where I was basically lost as to what the hell was going on, but given what tended to happen, it really wouldn’t make much difference. The cast for the most part are alright, but then they didn’t really have to do that much. Let’s be fair, this was never going to be Shakespeare, dear god no.  Continue reading

A mini meh about: High Rise

Given the initial image that is presented before you for this latest mini-meh about a given film recently seen, you would be forgiven for thinking that High-Rise was some kind of porn film where all men were getting some form of high rise with various ladies. But actually no, sadly if it was a full on badly made porn film, it might have been more interesting. Not that it doesn’t feature sex of some sort, but basically this was one of the rare examples of film of which I have no idea what happens at the end of it.

Mainly as I didn’t stay to the end of the showing. It takes something special to actually make someone get to the point that they want to leave the cinema before they see the ending and this, was one of those times. Now for the record, I may have not been in the right frame of mind when it came to watching a film which seems to all purposes have been about the fall of society all perfectly contained within an apartment block.

It might have been that were I in a better mood, I would enjoy the 70s retro feel of everything while looking at what would happen within the social hierarchy when the basics seemingly fail, like working power and goods no longer being available for purchase, leading to a much more primal and dangerously ridiculous way of life. Continue reading

A Mini Meh about: Eddie the Eagle

How the hell did I get lumbered with this b*stard?

This film had been released some time ago and actually, I was fortunate enough to see it at a pre-release screening a few hours after watching Batman Vs. Superman. I was in a relatively meh mood after the night before, my mind just turning over with what I just saw.

So in essence, it may have been the wrong time to go watch a film which once again was based on a true story. Except Hugh Jackman’s character in this didn’t exist in the real story, just like Leonardo Dicaprio’s son didn’t exist in the true story of the Revenant.

Eddie the Eagle is the film “based on the true story” of Eddie Edwards, someone who was wanted to do something more than just be in the same trade as his dad, and ended up against all odds competing in the Winter Olympics. It should have been one of those family films which would happily fill in some time while we waited for the summer blockbusters to blow everything up and it’s rather odd to say this, but I enjoyed this more than the Revenant. I even enjoyed this more than Batman Vs Superman. Continue reading

A Mini Meh about: 10 Cloverfield Lane

It’s a good thing TM

You know what people, there are just too many films coming out on a weekly basis and remarkably too many that I have watched recently. Perhaps it’s thanks to the countless freebies we get via ShowFilmFirst but in essence, there have been far more films to talk about then you could shake your moneymaker too. There are also a good many that are worth a mention for one reason or another and therefore perhaps it’s unfair that they don’t get that much attention.

Well fear not the two readers who do actually look at content on here! In what will be a new option for the film reviews on Ooh Sometimes, just when there isn’t enough time to go into ridiculous amounts of detail or perhaps when not a lot needs to be said, we will present it as a “Mini Meh”.

Genius no?

So the first victim for the new test format?

10 Cloverfield Lane, a sort of sequel-ish to the original shaky-cam personal story released back in 2008 that happened to feature something which may be for confused for Godzilla, Cloverfield. It’s actually hard to know if this took place at the same time or was later, it’s never actually made clear. Continue reading

The World of WarMeh

You might have noticed that any news of gaming videos have been rather absent on the Ooh Sometimes bloggy thingy of late, but rest assured dear campers, I’ve still been wasting plenty of time and money on what has become a pastime which has taken up a lot of the free time recently.

Rather oddly with this couple of epic videos which comprise of a livestream over the course of a Saturday Afternoon, I was returning to something I left behind a long time ago; The World of Warcraft. For a couple of reasons of course which I explained in said videos, but now in the cold dark light of night, I must confess, it really is just for getting a free hero animation in Hearthstone;

Yep, this is what it was for folks….

I truly am this sad. Rather than enjoy the two and half days of sunshine and pure heat that we had in this country at the time, I stayed in and talked utter rubbish to people on the internet while clicking a mouse and randomly pressing keys. Will this be what comes up in my mind when I’m on my deathbed I wonder? I mean, I know there are women with lovely in and out bits I like. There is clearly other stuff to do in life, like wander round a lovely park, read a book, go to a concert, unclog the toilet or maybe even just enjoy using said toilet but seriously I do deride too much fun from doing playing these silly games. Continue reading

Captain America: A Civil Middle Finger to DC

Given recent news about changes being made all over place at Warner Bros in light of Batman Vs Superman’s not entirely stellar outing, this film coming out now must feel like a bullet to the head for the DC holding movie studio.

This is not even just being creative with writing. Because as you know, when I’m being creative with the writing, it’s either with a rhyming dictionary or just looking up what swear words to use. In many ways this film feels like Marvel and Disney as an entity were just walking over to the battered body of DC’s attempt at creating a comic book universe, all the while the body still trying to catch breath and stay alive.

Then Marvel and Disney just unzip their trousers….and then just completely p*ss all over the body. Possibly some of it ends up in the eyes and mouth. Not only that, after they finish, they then proceed to wipe off the excess urine with $100 bills, set the bills on fire and then just throw them at the now drenched body of work that was Batman Vs Superman. Then they walk away to a big slo-mo explosion, Batman Vs Superman being engulfed with the flames and screaming in agony.

Two men enter. One man leaves… No wait, that’s Mad Max.

This, Warner Bros and DC, is how to do a superhero film which questions the validity of super heroes fighting for everyone, and whether or not they should. It’s probably obvious to say at this point that I really liked Captain America: Civil War and there is really no reason not to go watch this right now.  Continue reading

A brief mention of the London Mayoral Elections

It’s a rarity that something concerning the real world makes its sorry way onto Ooh Sometimes these days. After all, when covering anything news related, one tends to melt into a puddle on a floor from all the weeping they are doing.

But of course tomorrow is the London Mayoral elections, where in addition various places around the UK will be deciding who they despise the least. That statement is probably not even close to being cynical, just the sad reality we currently face with the state of politics. Because it can be a deeply depressing subject, I decided to briefly present the race for London Mayor, purely based solely on the campaigning that has been most prominent. And then mock it badly.

This may of course mean that for those who were after keen intellectual discussion of the pros and cons of the candidates will be left wanting if they stuck purely to Ooh Sometimes. But hey, we’ll throw in the odd d*ck joke and make fart noises while we’re at it! Somehow it probably will still elevate the coverage above BBC News.

Who would work in a weird thing like this?

Now for those of you that may actually care about such matters, there are several choices all vying for your votes to be king ruler of London deciding who lives and who dies. The winner will control millions of pounds to serve the public by not letting things turn to poop. More likely however, they will take large brown envelopes stuffed with cash to allow Canning Town to be sold off to the Chinese.  Continue reading

X-Factor Origins Part 1: Marguerite

It’s about that time that I sat down at the computer and began writing about films. After all there’s only so much of the day I can fail at being a world class assassin. However, instead of the recently released Captain America: Civil War: Part 1: How many more bits can we add to the title, we will examine bad singing. WTF? Don’t worry, read on and soon, even the title of the post will make some sense.

In some regards, you would have thought that with the awards season long over for now that we would return to a sense of normality where we’ll be just commenting on whether or not Batman wears steel enforced underpants underneath his suit. He does in case you wondered. However, we’re far from being done right now with the “true story” films.

Florence Foster Jenkins. Maker of ears bleeding back in the day. Still sang better than Will.I.Am…

This is the tale of the first X-Factor auditions from the start of the 20th century, just without anyone like Simon Cowell to turn around and say that they have no chance whatsoever. Just kidding (although, I suspect that Hollywood would make such a thing if there was any money in it). The two productions on for review are based on the real-life character Florence Foster Jenkins, and the same tragic tale of some rich woman who basically paid lots of money to do stuff and perform badly in front of a live audience who then died in a rather bad way.

There is a key difference with the pan-European production of three countries, Marguerite, the subject of today’s blog post.

In this film we have a story loosely based on the events of Florence Foster Jenkins with locations and characters changed whereas the other British-French produced version with Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant is more devoted to the actual story and people involved. But which one is the better version? Subjective of course but at the very least, it’s interesting to see which direction the two productions take and perhaps which will be the better one to see overall.

Be warned, there are spoilers for the film in this post, so if you don’t want to know the score, then look away now. Not sure how we can tell you when to look again considering this is all written… Continue reading