The Horrors of Broadband Migration

Given that we are heading towards the most scary time of year (Christmas), I wanted to write about another horror which fell upon me during September. You see, it was a bit of a trying month when it came to trying to get and keep a stable internet connection.

Of course these are first world problems where there are far more horrifying issues occurring elsewhere (all of which seems to getting far far worse), but nevertheless in a strange sort of way, writing about what happened and the hair burning / pulling that occurred during this little adventure may actually prove therapeutic in some respects.

You didn’t think the story would end did you?

As you would have been made aware the last time I decided to become a keyboard warrior when it came to Rocko’s Modern Life, I was leaving BT, home of increasing prices and ever poorer service thanks to people kicking around footballs for a living for Plusnet. Now given that Plusnet is owned by BT anyway, you may have wondered why they were chosen. Continue reading

EGX 2015: Part 3

Once we again return from the heady high-life of creating videos on Twitch and YouTube based content which involves talking b*llocks over other people’s hard work to remark finally one last time on the gaming phenomenon that was EGX which took place back in September of this year at the NEC in Brummieham.

Now considering that there has already been a lot written about this year’s EGX already in terms of what games were good / bad or otherwise and that there was a limited amount of time to see a lot of content over the course of one day, what possibly is there left which could be addressed here? Well, what about the event itself from the point of view of basically a customer?

That’s right, I may just write about various things here and do some videos from time to time about games when I can be bothered of course, but at the end of the day, I am just another face in the crowd with cash to spend (err…..ish…my bank account says otherwise with it’s ever depressing minus sign next most of the amounts on display), and there were a few things which really raised the eyebrow over the course of the day, which really should be remarked on in some shape or form. Continue reading

A Brawling Update

While various bits of content has been written about the recent excursion to EGX 2015, it of course occurred to me that as well as neglecting the lovely web site that is Ooh Sometimes, I’ve been rather tardy of late in uploading the slightly edited Wednesday Night Brawls

Well can you blame me as I’ve been busy with the Madness of Max, the meh of Metal Gear Solid, and of course various other activities that we humans insist on doing these days because we like to hang out, do naughty and drink coffee in shops while complaining about Dave in accounting (that bitch).

This cannot be allowed to continue so here we come, right bang back up to date with the last three live streams from Twitch over the course of September as you can see below for your dining and dancing pleasure as always!

9th Sept 2015: Birthday Brawl with Double Deathrattles

16th Sept 2015: Too Many Portals….again!

25th Sept 2015: Underdog Rules!

EGX 2015: Part 2

As promised, here is part two of what games to watch out for from going to EGX 2015, which was taking place in Birmingham this year. Are they all either good / bad or perhaps even somewhere in-between? Also there will be a third part, remarking on the show itself and some of things witnessed at said show which were shall we say, eyebrow raising and perhaps not for the right reasons.

We continue on with two indie titles which certainly has gotten a lot of attention since they were first shown earlier this year;

Cuphead and SuperHot

Super Hot or Super Not?

Two games on show at the ID @ Xbox part of the huge Microsoft presence that was clearly needed given that most of the floor was in fact filled with PlayStation 4s and PCs running code were Cuphead from StudioMDHR and Superhot by the developers who indeed called themselves Superhot too.

Cuphead made waves at E3 due to the wonderful animation style of the game, which made it look so much like a cartoon from the 1920s. Wonderfully different situations, reactions from bosses, it looked to be something new to enjoy. It was also the only game in the ID @ XBOX stand which had a queue to play, all the others, not a sign of anyone. That speaks volumes for sure.

Continue reading

EGX 2015: Part 1

Good afternoon dear campers, and finally I return to Ooh Sometimes to actually do some writing about something instead of pimping out the gaming videos that recently have taken a lot of the time that ordinarily would have been given to writing about rubbish as and when I generally felt like.

While sadly for some it’s more games rubbish instead of remarking more about how the world is a dark and nasty place where people who take drugs and stick their genitals in dead animals to then become Prime Minister, this post will let you know about some of the games which was on show at the Eurogamer (or EGX) Expo 2015, this year being hosted in Birmingham since Earl’s Court was closed to make way for more flats that no-one in the UK can afford.

For this post, we will be purely remarking about the games played / watched over during the day which are worth a mention here be it either good or bad, and there will be a second part to this line-up in a follow up post tomorrow.

For now, we begin with;

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (Or London Reskin)

No….just no…..

Now after last year’s disaster of a launch where it was universally slammed for such terrible performance across all platforms, that they then cancelled the season pass for Assassin’s Creed Unity and gave everyone who bought it another game from their catalogue, all the while taking a hit on their share price, Ubisoft had to come back with something bloody good in order to remove doubts about this year’s instalment, now set in London. Continue reading

Wednesday Night Ball!

NOTE: This video contains some bad attempts at playing games with balls in them. And also Ball Ball Ball, Footy Footy Footy which Adam and Joe did ages ago when they were on Channel 4. I miss them…..

In the epic week where people are escaping horrors from their homeland, and the social media exploded with the sheer volume of pig jokes when the news that David Cameron stuck his pork scratching in a dead pig’s mouth, today is Wednesday, and that means another Wednesday Night Brawl surely?

There lies the rub of the nipples, as at the time of of this video going live, I will be setting off to sunny Birmingham for the wonderful Eurogamer Expo for the chance to stand in line for hours before playing a single game for 10 minutes…. and well we can’t wander off without leaving some sort of flaming smelly gift on your doorstep ready for you to put out with your feet, can we?

Speaking of feet, feet feature in this along with other body parts and car bits, in the special edition; Wednesday Night Ball, featuring no less than three games with balls in them. If this was RedTube, you’d be chucking custard over that sexy thought!

Ladies, Gentleman and other genders, once again come join us for yet more fun on a Wednesday night where once again we fail miserably but we will fail with style? Find out now*…..

YouTube Channel Link

* Terms and conditions apply, see pack for details, no balls were harmed during the making of this video.

Metal Gear Flaccid

NOTE: This video contains some spoilers for the bat shit crazy story for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. This has also been edited from the original video where copyright strikes were automatically filed by BBC Worldwide for use of Live at the Apollo where Metal Gear Solid was discussed and Konami also added enforced advertising on the video due to one of their cutscenes from the game itself.

This is currently pending an appeal on the original video, but figured just get a safe version back out there now. Should I be successful or not, this video will probably remain the final version anyway….

And finally the second of September’s big releases is here and on the PC; Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, overshadowing life itself (well just in the gaming industry at least). Arriving to universal praise from everyone including your mum, it’s been acknowledged to be Hideo Kojima’s final masterpiece.

But the bigger question is, is this a masterpiece for a numpty like me who has not played any of the main previous titles before, save for an hour on the paid for demo, MGS V: Ground Zeroes on the very first livestream which then went on to be the Gaming Car Crash everyone despises and laments today? Even then it didn’t go well and just turned into a shooting gallery which I enjoyed for about 5 minutes and then got bored.

I have my working eye on you….

Well, seeing as Metal Gear Solid V is meant to be a massive game, I decided to just go with a first time playthrough of the first chapter in Afghanistan to see if there was enough there for a non-fan of the franchise to get hooked and perhaps be surprised by what everyone else has been enjoying in the series so far.

Therefore the real questions for this video are; Is the full game in the opening two hours going to turn into the exact same mess as the paid for demo at which point I wander back off to play Mad Max instead? Will it actually make me want to play it even more till my eyes and ears bleed? Will the cutscenes be too frequent with Hideo Kojima’s name popping up every 12 seconds?

Actually, will anyone care? Or more to the point, will anyone care enough to then get enraged to write crap like the internet often does when it gets collectively enraged about something which doesn’t matter? Hell, will we get time with the sniper lady with not many clothes on that the internet went on about for a while?

Ladies, Gentleman and other genders, please find for your consideration what happened during the opening playthrough of Metal Gear Solid V, which left shall we say a lasting impression*…..

YouTube Channel Link

* Terms and conditions apply, see pack for details, Snake? Snake…..SNAKE!

Mad Man

NOTE: This video will contain spoilers for Mad Max: The Game, so if you don’t mind, then feel free to carry right along!

The first of last week’s big releases arrived on the scene, in the form of Mad Max, a title worked on by Avalanche Studios for Warner Bros. Which is enough to give pause for thought when Warner Bros is mentioned. Oh yeah, those guys are back wanting more money from you… But we do not forget….

Given that work is still taking place to fix Batman: Arkham Knight on PC with a recent release of an interim patch which is only for those who stuck with the game and of course, it’s still not even back on sale on Steam yet, would this latest title from those lovable b******ds at WB be just as broken on release, thus ensuring that no-one will touch their stuff with a barge pole?

Perhaps even if it does work, is it any good at all or just a crap franchise tie-in not even worth getting out of bed for? Also will anyone actually be playing this considering Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain came out the same day?

Find out this and more now*!

YouTube Channel Link

* Terms and conditions apply, see pack for details, madness will occur, urge to say POWER! like Jeremy Clarkson will be become increased.

Blops Away: Beta Edition

NOTE: There are audio problems with the commentary at certain points to the Michael Bay nature of what’s going on within the game so certain times, I go almost silent and then you hear gun shots etc only. Sorry for the poor quality of audio recording and I will aim to improve this in future.

Also….we used War by Edwin Starr as it seems to fit a game about Warfare!

Anyway, moving on, and Treyarch’s latest contribution to the Call of Duty franchise which gets released year after year after year, has recently been available for beta play on most platforms. So while I had the opportunity, I took some time out from watching Netflix and cleaning out my ears to see if finally after not really going for the formula for years on end.

Have they managed to show anything new within the game, even if it’s just a multiplayer beta to test out things and get certain issues fixed. Make no mistake, even if this is all subject to change between now and November this year, What got released for beta testing will no doubt be indicative of what the multiplayer experience will be like. So without any further meh meh, let’s see if there’s life in the old dog yet*….

YouTube Channel Link

* Terms and conditions apply, see pack for details, beta is not the finished product, I really need to spend time getting audio mixing right….

The Wednesday Night Brawl Returns!

Well it’s been a busy old day here at the country club as we make ready with more entertainment for your merriment and loathing as what has become customary on the internet. Remarkably it’s been a very busy month for various adventures and as such, the web site has been somewhat neglected.

So since the last post where woes about BT and the general state of broadband of West London was being addressed, a couple of new YouTube Videos have been published with slight editing to them to make them slightly more enjoyable for all, and it’s the last two Wednesday Night Brawls no less, featuring the new content from the expansion, The Grand Tournament just released by Blizzard. It’s about time they got released back onto the world for you all to enjoy so finally they get their general release here.

So what’s the new expansion all about and is it any good? Thankfully instead of just playing the game yourself, you can just sit back, relax and fondle yourself* to the below videos while various other things get done in the background. Enjoy!

19th Aug 2015: The Grand Tournament arrives

26th Aug 2015: Encounter at the Crossroads….again!

* I really hope you’re not fondling yourselves to these videos…..because that’s just creepy. Seriously, there’s better stuff to fiddle your diddle to on the Internet!