Testically speaking…. — 3 Comments

  1. I had wanted to write something for quite some time on the subject because, well yes something did happen a while ago, and it got me thinking.

    And frankly mate, from what many people have been saying in passing recently, they have been having trouble with their loved ones, so believe it or not I am being topical!

    And well I love to ramble, who doesn’t?

    P.S Your last sentence intrigues me… do tell me in private!! 🙂

  2. Paul that was, again, rather rambling. Has something happened for you to say all this?
    I have found myself that the best way to be is on defence and don’t let anyone in. That way no one can attack you.

    Something very strange is happening with someone at work recently, kinda of shaky ground and I can’t talking about it as she knows my blog address…..very very strange.

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