Oh yes, there has been quite a few changes since the last update, and the first one you would be surprised with; I’m now trying Virgin Cable. It seems that BT once again pushed back any work being done in the area, and therefore the date of fibre broadband availability was basically back to square one. Why? Who knows, but hey at least they are still happy to spend billions on football instead of an actually useful service, right?

However that was not the end of the story, which surprised me. Something else happened which previously I was told I could never have. Virgin sent a letter in the post saying it was now avaliable in my area. How? Well, that’s a funny story in itself, as it turns out I could have had this all singing all dancing tech, the day I moved in. If only Virgin Media’s availability checker was accurate.

Funny story, the Virgin Media Engineer and I during a survey of the location found everything was already installed and ready for quite some time. What’s more, it seems that again, the checker is not 100% as it stated I could not get a phone service with Virgin, and yet…. the phone cab was all ready and waiting for use.

So finally….FINALLY, on March 14th 2017, I may finally have a much better internet service. Possibly. Ish.


True to BT’s word, the fibre broadband progress has actually moved on and it seems somewhere, they are putting the cabinet in.┬áTrust me, I am holding BT to this and if they don’t do it this time, after delaying for 2 + years, at my signal, I will unleash Russell Crowe. Or just email them again and have another chat. Yeah, probably that one.

So keep checking back here for the official updates as to when a spoiled brat of a middle aged man will be able to order faster broadband. But then again, if you did, you ran out of rubbish to watch on Netflix.

Original Post:

Oh yes, you may have guessed the obsession here from previous posts on the subject. But in essence, while a lot of the UK enjoys access to fast broadband, I wallow a decade behind techwise on standard DSL in the wilderness that is West London. Which of course has no-one living there. At all. Trust me, it’s an arctic wasteland.

I yearn for faster downloads which means I don’t keep as much crap locally, the ability to livestream my awful attempts at playing games at 1080p, enjoy 4K content for the first time and well, just the ability to do more than one thing with the internet at a time. The simple pleasures eh? The amount of times of going to the BT Openreach website to check when it will arrive in my artea has now outnumbered the amount of time I’ve watched porn at home (and yes, that’s a lot!)

Come on..... come on, just move over one...... just one.... do it..... DOIT FOR DADDY!

Come on….. come on, just move over one…… just one…. do it….. DO IT FOR DADDY!

Yes, I’m aware the world is going to hell, and there are much more important things to worry about, this is a first world problem etc.

Yes, I still created this page….. Yes, I am fine with that. ­čÖé

So after countless frustration, I decided to go looking for the BT Managing Director’s email, and sure enough I found it. I emailed them about what’s going on, and remarkably this got a better answer than even getting my local Member of Parliament involved! Finally, after much waiting, I had an answer from BT Openreach as when to expect fibre broadband to be available in my area. I was overjoyed to say the least, which raises questions about priorities in life and whether or not I have ever known the joy of being with a woman.

The official response from BT’s executive complaints department received on the 11th October is as follows;

We are currently on schedule to provide your cabinet with Superfast Broadband at the end of April 2017. However, we still need to secure a position for the new cabinet. This should be resolved by the end of the year.
Keep checking on the website and after the end of November beginging of December all the  http://www.homeandwork.openreach.co.uk/when-can-i-get-fibre.aspx
Currently your cabinet fibre journey is on field survey, this should start to progress come December.
I appreciate that this is not the answer you were hoping for but that this goes someway to inform you of where we are at the moment in updating your cabinet for superfast Broadband.

Therefore because of the level of obsessive behaviour about this silly issue which really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, let me all show how bad I want better internet to enhance a lot of what I do with my connection, with a countdown to the end of April 2017.

The end is in sight…… the waiting is almost over…..