Basically due to the popular nature of such things, and to appear that I is not behind the shizzle, here are some links to various social outlets that Ooh Sometimes and the Lord of Leisure can be found on. Mind you it’s within these services that I write the most these days…..

The bonus side of all this rubbish is you don’t actually have to think about writing actual material which could cause people to think or write swear words in comment boxes afterwards. That’s so last year girlfriend….or whatever.

Facebook Profile LinkAh Facebook, the thing that took over from MySpace and caused lots of people to go WHHHHAAAAA at the privacy bits and the wonderful section about how Facebook owned all the images you posted up there as well. You know, at some point I should do a proper OohSometimes Facebook page on there for all the rubbish to go onto. But for now, this is my own Facebook page, with all the horrors that go with it!

Below in the Social Media menu, you can see the Twitter feed and the Instagram feed too, because those are also a thing these days and heaven help us if we’re not in on the latest things which in turn also can use anything they wish for marketing purposes!