Over on Twitch, you can join me for the occasional car crash of a gaming stream via the link above or the video window below…..

The next scheduled livestreams, we tend to announce as and when we feel like it (or in the real world, actually around to be able to livestream) on the twitter page, and of course when we can update this page too.

Upcoming livestreams:

Regular Scheduled:

To be announced soon….


But Paul, I hear you cry with tears of joy and anger, what if I can’t be arsed to turn up when you livestream?

Well fear not, if you miss out on the livestreams and Twitch has got rid of them on the channel, then more than likely, you will be able to see for yourself with the uploads onto the YouTube Channel via the below playlist.

We also do the Hearthstone Happy Hour, a weekly ish livestream or prerecorded event where I play a child’s card game more than I should while talking complete rubbish!