YouTube Channel Link

So when we’re not broadcasting utter crap on Twitch, you can enjoy the content of Ooh Sometimes over on our very own YouTube channel, where the main focus is new offline recorded content for the Gaming Car Crash at full 1080p resolution running at 60 frames per second (where possible) of games which deserve to be seen in full quality while also allowing you to cringe over terrible commentary coming at you in full stereo too.

The full web address for the channel is:

While not ever likely to win an Oscar, you have to admit, it’s still more entertaining than picking out your nose hairs with a pair of spoons.

Here are some of the playlists we have on the channel at the moment;

First of all, the “Not My Front Room” video log series where I occasionally wander out from my front room into the world

Then there are the videos which make up the gaming series I sometimes create; The Gaming Car Crash.

And finally, it’s a playlist called “And Finally….” which I chuck in various things which don’t really fit anywhere……